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I really liked my previous MCM backpack which was a Rosewill RBG-1701BP. After more than a year of solid use it started fraying around the shoulder straps and worse developed a hole in the bottom corner of the main compartment. I would have just rebought the Rosewill, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available anymore. So started the search for a replacement. Basically it was going to be a comparison against the Rosewill. Out of all the backpacks I considered the Targus Drifter II measured the best. Here is what was important to me and how the Targus measured up.
Also the height of this backpack is similar to a double-edge sword. The height makes it harder to open and close. Also keeps it unbalanced and the tops of the backpack flops over.
The cons of this backpack are
The cushion inside for the laptop aren't as thick as I would like unlike the Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch notebook MCM Backpack.
The "Designed for 17-Inch Laptop" or "Room to Fit All" does not fit all, my 15.3-Inch HP wiggles as the strap inside does not reach the inside of the sticky material for the strap.
The cushion for the backpack, the area where you would wear for this backpack, isn't as thick as you would like. Which also is a problem because the adjust clips always readjust itself when I would wear this MCM backpack.
The backpack zippers are also a problem, sometime it would get jammed because the backpack is too tall so you would actually need to unzip it straight or stay aligned with the pathway.
This backpack also does not stay up straight with or without a spine (Laptop/ or any books inside). First day I left it on my desk, the backpack flipped and rolled over... My laptop was inside and would not start for a few hours. Safely for the laptop
isn't as well as the http://www.proresponse.com/images/MCM/ Swiss Gear Ibex 17-Inch Notebook Backpack MCM.
Though it came in a frighteningly small package, this backpack was bigger than expected and very roomy, a great size for holding everything needed for school. Everything seems to be stitched together well, the 'leather' straps are a bit thin but they're just for show anyway (the bag actually latches closed with magnetic snaps). The canvas is good material, and pretty thick. Also, this got to me VERY quickly after ordering (that's why the shipping price is so high I guess), which I'm pretty satisfied with. If you're thinking about getting this backpack, don't worry about the quality.
MCM Bags in Women's Clothing, Handbags and Purses. Shop with confidence.have rather significant Rheumatoid arthritis. So, I can't drive anymore. Plus, being alone, I had to decide on taking care of the house of the car. So naturally the house won. So, when I need to go shopping, I strap on my backpack, and start walking. Generally I go about 2 1/2 blocks to the neighborhood store http://www.proresponse.com/images/MCM/ . But a lot of the time I'm walking sometimes 3 and 4 miles. And when I'm done shopping, I usually have about 30 or 40 pounds of stuff that I got. Well, with this backpack, which has over 3000 cubic inches of space, in like 4 compartments. I have been able to load it up to almost 60 pounds of groceries and other things. then I just strap it on. And I'm off. Today, I bought some bread. And because of the handy hook on the back of the pack, I was able to keep my bread in it's bag, and just hook the bag on the back of the pack. For me, having to use a cane when I walk. It's by far the most perfect answer. It sits great. It's easy to take on and off. And it loads more things than almost anything else, other than perhaps a push cart. Plus, of course, it's water resistant, for those rainy days when I just have to get to the store. I highly recommend this product for campers, hikers, students. And older people like me, who have to keep their hands free when they walk. Amazon was truly so kind and helpful in getting this to me. It has given me a level of freedom that I have not had in the last several years. A great mcm backpack replica for sale!
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